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Secure Cloudlink solves online security by taking a new and inherently different approach to stop the wrong people gaining access to your digital systems.

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The Password Is Dead

If you require a future proof, easy to implement and scalable security solution that protects digitial identities, we are here to help.

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How safe is your digital life?

With cybercrime on the rise, security is a huge concern for businesses and individuals alike. The rising financial and reputational costs of security breaches means that it can no longer be business as usual.

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No such thing as a good password

Passwords are fundamentally flawed. Easy to crack by hackers and hard to remember for users, they are often written down or reused across services.

Following the theft of 500m user identities from Yahoo over 1.5bn people have had their passwords stolen!* Stolen passwords account for 29% of all cybercrime and between 20% to 50% of all help desk calls.

Our system benefits both user and organisation:
For the organisation
  • Safeguards reputation and revenue
  • Avoids regulatory fines
  • Saves money on password management
  • Simple to remove and block users
  • Easily integrates with existing technology
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Provides a better customer experience
For the customer
  • Protects the user’s identity
  • Reduces the risk of cybercrime
  • Removes the need to create and remember passwords
  • Allows the individual to chose their authentication method
  • Is easy to use on any device

Secure Enrolment

Secure Cloudlink is easy and quick to set-up in a secure first-time enrolment

Users identities are verified via a number of identity validations – set by the digital service provider. We support the latest biometric technology such as fingerprint, iris, face and voice recognition. The user now becomes a biometric with assigned access rights and all personal data is redacted.

From now on all the user has to do to access any of their digital services is hold their thumb, speak a phrase or present their iris or their face to their smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. We support single sign-on backed up by a sophisticated risk management engine and in-depth analytics.

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