Secure Cloudlink is about being simply secure everywhere. Our technology is second to none with a powerful suite of tools that scale from SMEs, SAAS providers and large enterprises, up to the largest digital services portals.

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Patented Token Security

Secure Cloudlink incorporates patented security that anonymises user access to digital services and on-premise applications. There are no passwords and no user credentials are exposed to cyber attacks or internal security threats.

This is how it works:

Secure Cloudlink Patented Token Security Diagram

Biometric Logon

Improve the user experience with an integrated biometric such as voice recognition to replace passwords. Secure Cloudlink supports the latest third party biometric recognition including voice, retina, face and fingerprint. For example, users can simply authenticate themselves into the internal network by speaking into their mobile or landline telephone.

Integrates Everywhere

Easy to integrate and flexible Secure Cloudlink simply connects to your existing on-line service outside of your company’s firewall and can be installed, tested and operational within days rather than weeks. The same is true for your internal IT services and users.


Secure Cloudlink supports all SSO standards and provides a secure, pain free user experience to access cloud and legacy applications on desktops and portable devices without requiring multiple logins and passwords. Users who use the same passwords for private and business apps can be protected from exposing their social credentials over the web, reducing the risk of wider data breaches.

Administrators can create secure external SSO access to multiple applications across multiple domains including supplier, customer and subsidiary networks.

Power and Control

Secure Cloudlink provides fine grain administration of your users.

Users can be granted access to services individually or as groups. Departmental, budget or location based administrators are supported with hierarchical cost centres for complete de-centralised management.

Centralised management portals provide a range of end-to-end administrator tools to manage users, applications and security policies across multiple organisations and domains.

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure Cloudlink includes multiple strong authentication options that can be applied at any point in the user journey. Authentication can be configured by application and our API allows us to easily add new methods as they evolve. As well as our sophisticated biometric logins we also support Pinpass, Pingrid and Pinphrase for legacy devices.


Our comprehensive management reports and analytics allows administrators to view and manage cloud services and application costs, budget and license compliance.

Audit trails provide a history of user creation, access rights, approvals and disablement.

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